The Company

Ever since its creation in 1976, FACE Logistics has remained faithful to its vocation to offer complete high quality, reliable services. FACE began its business over 30 years ago dedicated to the customs clearance sector, originally operating under the name Transit Cargo. Through 12 years of customs clearance service, FACE realized that it was necessary increased the amount of services offered to its clients. This marked the creation of FACE Universal in the early 90´s, a company dedicated to offering all modes of transportation and storage under customs controls restrictions (ADT, DA, LE). FACE Universal first began offering its sea freight and air shipment services in conjunction with storage. Shortly afterwards, FACE added national and international transportation along with national distribution services to its product offerings.

The success of the increased services and customer confidence has continually encouraged further growth of the business in the region since the early 90´s. The growth has been so spectacular that in 1997, FACE launched a small parcel and courier service to Ceuta and Melilla, offering this service to the large national parcel and courier companies. Later on FACE expands the courier business nationwide by becoming part of a national courier network.

The latest development in the group of companies is the consolidation of the business and services under the name FACE Logistics. Under this expansion of the business structure, FACE Logistics began to publicise its contract logistics services as an offering readily available, incorporating new IT systems and human resources necessary in order to meet the growing needs of its customers. Part of this latest phase is the increased national presence by opening and office in Madrid.